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  • Brokers rely on local storage instead of network storage like SAN, NAS for low i/o latency
  • Zookeeper is used to store metadata for cluster management, secrets etc
  • Producer-topic and consumer-topic both have a many-to-many relationship
  • How much control do I as a user have on the partition replica location. Example: can I configure replicas of a partition to be stored on brokers that belong to a different Availability Zone in AWS?
    • Yes you can. The basic recommendation for that is the usage of the broker property “broker.rack” = (cf. )
  • No. of partitions of a topic - is this something kafka decides internally, or is this something a user configures? Can this number change during the life of a topic for horizontal scaling - i.e when the message volume needs to be scaled up?
    • The number of partitions of a topic is one of the most important settings of Kafka, and it’s normally configured by users. Because it affects other parts of the architecture (key distribution, number of clients in a client group, number of “replicas” in Kafka Stream application) we don’t recommend to change this setting during the lifetime of a topic. It can be however oversubscribed without much impact (e.g. you can start with 10-20 partition even if you have a 3-node cluster).