It’s coming soon and I make a return this year. After having cleared the qualification round a couple of times but never making it to Round 2, I hope to break my personal best this year! Lets see :)

Countdown to start of Qualification Round

Code Jam Details

Watch this space for updates as the event progresses! Excited!

Qualification Round Update

Done and dusted. Qualified with 55 points, successfully solving 3 out of 4 problems.

My solutions are in my Github repo


Round 1c Update

In short, disappointment again! :( Wasn’t able to compete in Round 1a and 1b as I was travelling. This meant, I only had one chance to compete and I failed.

Going past round 1 is hard as only the top 3000 in the world (from more than 30k participants) go through. But still, this has happened 3-4 times to me now. Got to sort it out. Google Code Jam 2015 – I WILL get into the top 3000 in the world at the very least.

Key would be to not lose focus as the year progresses and compete in 2015 with plenty of practise. Until now, I have been competing with barely a couple of days of practise. This doesn’t work! Algorithmic programming is not the same as what I do at work on a daily basis. TopCoder SRMs will help. Aim to compete in 1 SRM per month.

The following on the wall in my room should act as a daily reminder. Very disappointed, but I only have myself to blame. No excuses.